Heartworm has been diagnosed in dogs all over the world.
It is actually very common in areas that are heavily infested by mosquitos like Florida.
Heartworms are transmitted to your dog by a mosquito’s bite.


The mosquito’s bite passes the infective larvae (baby heartworm) into your dog’s skin, where they burrow into the tissue from the bite wound. The larvae begin to mature within three days and continue migrating through your dog’s tissue for several weeks.

Juvenile worm

About two months after initial infection, the larvae develop into juvenile worms and enter your dog’s blood. Immature adult worms that range from 1-1.5 inches in length arrive at your dog’s heart and lungs as early as 67 days after initial infection. After arriving in your dogs heart, they continue to mature into adulthood.

Adult worm

Heartworms generally mature into mating adults in the large blood vessels of the lungs and, in more severe infections, the right ventricle of the heart. Adult heartworms, which look like cooked spaghetti, are up to 6 inches long if male and 12 inches long if female. Hence, the large blood vessels, lungs and right ventricle of the heart can become clogged with worms, resulting in a number of health issues, including liver and kidney failure, heart failure or death. An infected dog typically carries microfilariae within six to seven months after infection from the initial mosquito bite. Adult heartworms continue to breed and the cycle continues…
The most common ways to prevent heartworms is to use an oral or topical treatment once every 30 days to keep your pet protected.
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PROHEART 12 is also the only known heartworm prevention that protects against recently identified resistant heartworms that have become more prevalent in Florida and originated in Louisiana, Arizona and Texas.
With the once a year PROHEART 12 injection you will never have to worry about a missed monthly dose for your canine companion again.
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